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Empowerment Energy Healing Sessions

Empowerment sessions can be done remotely and in person. I tune in and tap into your energy field to help you clear and pull away the stuff that’s been mucking up and separating you from your magic, power, potency and possibilities.

We can clear the energy around money, business/career, relationships, and wellness.

I can help you stop worrying about what other people think of you.

I can help you move through life more easily and joyfully.

I can help you stop trying to fit and squish yourself into other people’s boxes.

I can help you be more YOU.

When you feel blocked, can’t move forward, are stuck in the past, or can’t seem to achieve any personal or business goals, it’s important to identify and release the emotions, beliefs and events that are creating those blocks. By combining intuitive guidance, angelic and energy healing techniques I can help you identify and release the source of your emotional pain and limitations. I can help you heal, shift and change the filter through which you view the world, your world, your life, and remove the negativity that blocks you from manifesting and attracting the positive and allowing for the expression of who you truly be.

We can work on addictions, anger, depression, fears, grief, personal performance/business issues, self-image, spiritual matters, stress, anxiety, trauma, PTSD, migraines, back pain, and anything else you might want help with.

You can choose different.

You can be the creator that you truly be.

You can be the gift that you truly be.

You can be the change that you desire.

I offer sessions in person and by phone or Zoom and work with clients internationally.

Contact me to schedule your appointment or your free 30-minute discovery call.

1 60-minute session – $225 Cdn

5-Week 5-Session package: $995 Cdn

4-mth Power-Up Experience: $3995 Cdn

(Children under 12) 30-60 minutes as required: $75.00 Cdn

Payment accepted via Paypal, e-transfer and credit card.