Angel Readings

Are you looking for your path? Or wondering if you’re on the right one? Why did you come here in this life? What lessons should you be learning, what goals would you like to achieve? Do you ever wonder if the voice you hear is the one you should listen to? How do you differentiate between your ego and your angels?

Your angels talk to you all the time. They send you symbols and images, words and situations and people in answer to your prayers. Are you listening to, watching, feeling these answers? Or do you doubt yourself and your guidance?

The angels believe in you because they know you, they know you are a child of God and have the power of the universe within you. They love you and wish you would love yourself in the same way they do, see yourself in the way they do.

They are always with you, they hear your prayers, and they answer them. But are you listening to the answers? Are you willing to accept and follow the guidance, and do what it takes to get to your goal?

Angel readings are messages from your angels that provide you with guidance in your life and, often, that validate the guidance you’ve already received through your intuition. Angels see you as you truly are – perfect beings of light. They don’t judge, and they don’t dictate. You have free will to make choices in your life, and the angels cannot tell you what to do in a situation. What they can do, however, is help guide you to your path and to the lessons and decisions that will get you to where you want to be. And if you’re not sure where that is, the angels will lovingly remind you of what it is that you came here to do.

In preparation for your reading, please take some time to think of what you would like guidance on, and prepare some questions. Although I can give you a general reading, please know that with no specific questions the information I receive can be a bit fuzzy and general. It may take a while to validate the information I receive and to figure out what it relates to to know what the reading is about. This wastes your time and money. If you are clear and direct with me about what’s going on in your life and what you want to know right now, you’ll have a much better chance of getting an accurate reading that provides you with some good guidance and direction.

Remember that nothing is set in stone, that your future is flexible and dynamic and that you are the master of your life. You make the choices and decisions that guide your present and your future. The messages you get from your angels are meant to guide you in those choices and decisions, and since you have the final say, the information your angels give you are based on those choices.

If you need help communicating with your angels and accessing your divine guidance, please contact me. I am available for half-hour and one-hour angel readings.

I can record our phone session and send you the recording!